Do i need a visa for visiting Dubai?

Yes, it is. depends on your nationality, you have to pre-apply visa through any tourism company, travel agency, hotel , airline or you will get free visa upon arrival.

to know that you need pre-apply visa or you will get it free upon arrival, click here

Dubai visa has any cost or is it free?

Both. for some nationalities will issue free upon arrival and other nationalities should apply before arrival and must pay visa cost through visa sponsor who can be tourism company, travel agency, hotel or airline.

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Is there any age restriction for Dubai visa applicant?

Yes, there is. application who are too old or so young, maybe required manual approval by manager of entry permit department of Dubai immigration and normally for this kind of approval required additional documents or accompany traveler like husband or wife, son or daughter, younger sister or brother for old applicants and any of parents, older brother or sister for minor applicants.

How can i apply Dubai visa?

If you have official passport and there is no any band on your country for applying U.A.E visa, then you can apply through any tourism company, travel agency, hotel or airline. travel documents or any refuge passports are not acceptable.

Dubai visa is online or visa label?

Yes, it is online and available in all U.A.E borders and visa holder can enter from any port or airport.

What type of Dubai visas can apply?

There is short and long term visas for tourists. short visas are 14 and 30 days and long visas are 90 days and are not extendable. if required to stay more, visa holder must exit and apply again. there is no any limit about number of apply for paid visas and can repeat back to back without any gap but free visas upon arrival in case of stay 90 days then have to be outside for 90 days to enter again.

What is the required documents to apply Dubai visa?

Colored scan of passport with minimum 90 days validity. if it is black and white scan, colored passport size photo required.

What is Dubai visa cost?

It has various cost depends on duration of stay. for more details click here

How long is validity of Dubai visa?

All types of Dubai visas have 60 days validity for entry and duration of stay started from date of entry. date of issue and validity of visa mentioned on top of visas.

Is it guarantee to get Dubai visa?

There is no any guarantee for issuing visa like other countries and Dubai immigration make decision who is eligible or not. we are as a visa sponsor accept your responsibility and apply visa for you and guide to make processing easy and fast as per our experiences.

Generally, all applicant get Dubai visa if do not have any band or negative back ground but no one can guarantee because no one knows about your back ground.

Will Dubai visa cost refundable if application rejected?

Like many other countries when you are applying visa at embassy or immigration, at time of submitting application and documents, you have to pay visa fees and in case your application rejected by visa officer, fees are non-refundable.